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Swinging Spider

"Proven concept, improved adjustability"

Swing arm pivots to change from cutting away to throwing in
Worm gear for incremental angle adjustment
16" hard-faced spider gangs
Additional options to run behind the unit
Brackets allow bolt-on row shields
  • Quickly adjust swing arm between cutting away from the row and throwing dirt onto the row without a time and labor intensive task.

  • Fully and consistently customize the aggressiveness of the spiders quickly with the simple turn of a handle.

  • Cultivate at high speeds.

  • Row shields currently available with additional options being developed.

  • Available as individual row units, complete with heavy-duty greaseless parallel linkages.

  • Also available fully assembled on TH Fabrication's manufactured toolbar up to 16 rows.

  • All units come powder coated in a variety of color choices.

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