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One of our main passions at TH Fabrication, LLC is working alongside farmers - to bring a professional approach and the manufacturing resources together to help bridge the gap between beginning ideas in the shop and proven equipment in the field. It has been a challenging but also very exciting adventure for us since we started this journey spring of 2019.

So we’d like to introduce our new, patent pending, row crop cultivator for the organic industry. Featuring the proven concept of a rolling cultivator, our swing arm design enables quick and easy adjustments to both pull and push dirt to and from each row. With a simple pin adjustment and a handle to fine tune rotation, the farmer doesn’t have to spend all his time or energy getting ready to cultivate. Our standard row unit has the flexibility to incorporate different options available as bolt-on additions - row shields, shank/sweep, coulter, cut-away disks, finger weeders, and more…

While this row unit is focused on “between-the-row” cultivation, we are also developing an “in-the-row” design. Contact us today if you have interest in learning more!

Rotary Hoe Pro

Swinging Spider

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