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Rotary Hoe Pro

"A more effective rotary hoe"

Depth adjustment indicator for consistency
Gang angle adjustable up to 15°
Optional bolt-on attachment for a variety of add-ons
Bolt-on scraper plate
4 rotary hoe wheels spaced 3" apart
3"x16" gauge wheels for depth control
  • Control depth and angle of rotary hoe wheels

  • Effectively break crust within the row, even in challenging conditions

  • Remove early generation weeds before they become a problem

  • Additional options available: tine weeder, finger weeders, double hoe

  • Available as individual row units, complete with heavy-duty greaseless parallel linkages.

  • Also available fully assembled on TH Fabrication's manufactured toolbar up to 16 rows.

  • All units come powder coated in a variety of color choices.

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